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VPN/Remote Work 

When remote work is required security becomes a big concern. How are your employees accessing sensitive company data? We make work from home safe, secure, and easy!


New installs/infrastructure, Wifi network planning and deployment, firewalls, routing, and switching.


Troubleshooting, Hardware, Software, Operating System, or Applications.


Troubleshooting, Hardware, Software, Operating System, or Applications.


Hosting, Migrations, and General Support.

Domains and Websites

Managing Domains, DNS, Websites, and other Web Hosted Services.

POS Support

Point of Sale systems sometimes experience problems that can't be solved by their remote technicians - In these situations on-site assistance is needed. With years of experience with the most common POS systems in use today we can bridge the gap!

CCTV/Security Cameras

Camera system deployments and management

Endpoint Security 

Don't leave your systems vulnerable to outside attacks. Secure your workstations and devices to protect against the latest cyber threats.

Remote Support

Get FASTER response times with remote enabled support on your systems and network.

All Services are billed at $90/hour without a service plan.

After Hours support billed $150/hour

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